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Friday, June 18, 2010

Blast from the Past: Mario Kart Cake

This is my nephew's cake from last year:

He LOVES Mario Kart.  Everything on the cake is handmade and edible.  This cake is, to date, my most "over the top" creations.  Here are some other views (its a 360 degree cake)

And now for some close ups:

Donkey Kong

Banana Peel

Bullet, Mushrooms, Turtle Shell and Yoshi


Yoshi and Mario

I think he likes it!  Makes all 2 weeks of work totally worth it!

This year he has already put in his request for a Sonic the Hedgehog Cake - I am at a total design loss!!



Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sorry its been so long since I've blogged.  I didn't realize almost 2 weeks has gone by!!  Can  you tell I was on a "cake break!".  We had a wonderful Memorial Day with friends and then the normal craziness of the week, followed by 3 days at Disney.  I'm still recovering! is my birthday - wanna guess how old I am??  actually - don't! haha! I really wish that I had a bunch of giveaways lined up, but I guess you will just have to settle for the last cake that I made.

It was a 30th birthday suprise for one of my husband's best friends....he is a serious NY Yankees fan -

This is fast becoming one of my favorite cakes!  The jersey has his name and his age on the back.

The hat is rice crispy treats covered with icing and fondant.

I think he likes it!  Acutally he said it was "The best Birthday Cake I have ever had!".  YEA!!!! 

I am doing his and his fiancee's wedding cake in November - I LOVE the design they picked out!

Whenever my birthday rolls around everyone asks me who's making my birthday cake.  Here's the short answer - no one ever makes me a birthday cake.  My hubby and M usually go out to eat and I get something off the dessert menu.  This year we are going to Bone Fish for dinner and I will be skipping the dessert portion of dinner - see I am dieting - hard core dieting and I have lost 14lbs since May 1st.

So - who makes YOUR birthday cake?