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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holy CAKE!, Batman!

One of MacKenzie's little boyfriends turned 4 this past weekend. He had a Batman themed bowling party. We had so much fun! And, for the first time I really really like the "boy" cake that I made for him.

Check it out!!

The topper is an edible image that I got printed at a local bakery. I brought it home and then I put it on a piece of fondant mixed with tylose powder and then cut around the image with an exacto knife.

The edible image was difficult to work with and if you look close you can see that it ripped in a couple places. I think I did a pretty good job of piecing it back together!

This is definately going to be my next "cake" purchase! Edible images are so amazing and I think with some practice I can make it perfect!!!!

I freehand cut the buildings out of the same fondant/tylose powder mixture that I did the topper. Then I used some melted yellow candy melts to put the details on the buildings.

Tylose Powder = can be purchased in most upper end cake decorating stores (you will not find it in your local craft store). Its not very expensive. You can mix it with fondant to give it some extra body/stiffness and make it dry much faster. This makes it easier to cut out images and outlines.

I got an email asking me if I use the Cricut on my cakes and although I have 2 (yea I know! I couldn't help myself!! - I'm a little ashamed!!) I do not use it on cakes. I have one set aside for just that purpose, but it takes some work to get the fondant/gumpaste to the right thickness and the right setness (totally just made up a new word!)and frankly it's easier and quicker for me to use cutters or an exacto sometimes.

I also had a question about my black fondant - NO! I do not make my own black fondant. I don't even make my own fondant. I live in north Florida and with the drastic weather changes that we have sometimes my homemade fondant is fine and sometimes its a nightmare. I just don't have the patience for all that. I buy Satin Ice fondant and I order it from - cheapest prices you will ever find. They also have precolored fondant - like Black and Red - the "nightmare" colors.

I have finally made some decisions from the last post - the giveaway is coming!!!! AND! I finally decided on the first Cake tutorial. If you want to try out what I'm going to share with you, you will need the following things:
1. Fondant
2. a pasta roller
3. a new exacto knife/cutter
4. shortening
5. a cutting board without a texture (wood is best)
6. an image that you want to put on a cake (a more basic shape is best to start with)

Can't wait to share some of my "secrets" with you guys!

- Janel

1 comment:

  1. OHHHHH! Can't wait!! So far (I've only used fondant twice now) I've made my own fondant, and it's been very easy to make and work with. Although this last time it got sticky a lot sooner....



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