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Monday, March 15, 2010

Post Interrupted

Tonights post, Sugar Cookie Tutorial part 2, is being interrupted due to the dentist.

I had a dentist appointment late this afternoon and it just threw my whole day off. A 3:00 dentist appointment means I have to leave here at 2:30, I didn't get done until 4:00 - home at 4:30 - nothing planned for dinner???? See where I'm going with this. Its all the Dentist's fault - blame him! Yea.... blame the dentist! hehe!

Anyway - I am going to take the girl to school tomorrow and get the cookies decorated - then I'm going to test another sewing pattern!!! I'm so excited, I'm testing an apron pattern for Puking Pastilles. (Her stuff ROCKS! - seriously - check it out!).

So, tomorrow I have a big day - I need to go to bed!!

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