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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"TO DO" Sunday

I have to longest "To Do List" today. Am, I'm happy to announce that one of those things just got crossed off! I helped my friend Denise at Whimsy Couture by editing one of her patterns. I got to a point that I got technologically stuck (ie - my computer wouldn't do what I wanted it to do and I thought about throwing it out the window). I did finally get buckled down and beat my computer into submission. I just sent that pattern off to her and I hope its exactly what she wanted!

Next, I'm going to head upstairs and face my fear of piping and finish this apron pattern if it kills me! (if you don't hear from me for a couple days send in a search party!).

THEN - the thing I have putting off for way too long - TAXES. As much as I procrastinate this you would think I did them myself. But, no, I just take them to an accountant and let them do all the work. The thing is, for the second year in a row I know we are going to owe money - I don't want to pay it. So, there it is. I don't want to get my stuff out, I don't want to take it to the accountant and I don't want to bite my nails until Mr. Taxman tells me how much we owe and most of all I don't want to write that check!

Ok - off to the sewing room to put off the tax thing - ha!

Hope you are all having a very productive, cross off your "To Do List" kinda weekend!

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